Biblical Studies Access to top level biblical scholarship on biblical studies
Bible Timelines Repository of timelines around major biblical events
NT Gateway Resources and links to other sites dealing with the study of the New Testament and Christian Origins. Edited by Dr Mark Goodacre of Duke University.
Gutenberg Digital Digitised version of the Gutenberg Bible
Bible Interpretation Articles, Commentaries, Editorials and Textual interpretation on various aspects of Biblical Studies
Torreys A free online comprehensive directory has texts, translations, and biblical studies materials that are compiled and owned by Torrey Seland, School of Mission and Theology,Norway
Oxford Bible Studies A comprehensive resource for the study of Bible and Biblical History
Society of Biblical Literature Online resources from the Society of Biblical Literature (some resources need subscription).
Book Reviews A site sponsored by the SBL, containing book reviews in biblical studies and related fields.
Bible Resources History, Geography, Word studies and outlines of many New Testament biblical books
Enter the Bible A wealth of resources and helpful reference point for Biblical Studies
Centre for Biblical Studies A repository of articles, related videos and introduction to the books of the Bible.
Bible Gateway IVP New Testament Commentaries
Bible Study Tools Online Repository of Bible Concordances
Biblical Foundations Biblical Foundational Resources from Dr. Andreas Kostenberger
Biblical E-learning Bible based Resources from Leading Biblical Scholars (Craig Keener, Roger Green, Fred Putnam)
Biblical Studies – Codex Website focuses on OT and Hebrew studies – plus theology and film. Maintained by Tyler F. Williams, The King’s University College, Canada


Capitol Hill Church – Core Seminars Course Seminar Resources from CHBC. Special References to Systematic and Biblical Theology
Theological Studies Internet resource for Christian Theology
Reasonable Theology Podcasts on the bible, church history, apologetics and Christian doctrine
Theology on the Web Resource site for Biblical Studies, Church History, Theological Studies and Missiology
Biblical Theology Today Multiple Resources on Biblical Studies. Special reference to the section on Biblical Theology.
Christian Classics Library Christian Classics Ethereal Library makes available online many classic Christian literature


Missiology Articles A gateway for Christian mission related resources and articles
Mission Frontiers Focus on Missions and Evangelism with articles and mission frontier magazine
Lausanne World Pulse Access to the Archives for Lausanne World Pulse magazine.
Academy of Evangelism in Theological Education Journals from the Academy of Evangelism in Theological Education
Mission Resources Alphabetical list of resources for Christian and Missionaries worldwide
Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Crusade for Christ. Of special interest is their ‘how to know God’ articles which are helpful to seekers and new believers.
Evangelism Resources Resources to help share the Gospel
International Mission Board International Mission Board provides Articles, Media, Training and Research to the Church to take the Gospel to unreached peoples.
Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) Resource Library with Audio/Video, Blogs and Book reviews
Navigators Bible Study and Discipleship Resources from Navigators
Lausanne Library for Global Mission Content Library for Global Mission from Lausanne
Teen Missions Collection of resources for ministry and missions to teenagers
Intervarsity Student Fellowship Resources for Evangelism from Intervarsity Student Fellowship, Check out their Bible study on Mark, Luke and Acts.
Religion Online Religion Online is a website maintained by Claremont School of Theology and provides access to articles and chapters on a variety of biblical and Christianity related topics



Bible History Biblical History, Bible Evidence and Archaeological Apologetics website
Early Church History Resources on the Study of the Early Church History
Medieval Church History Resources on the Study of the Medieval Church History
Reformation Church History Resources on the Study of the Reformation Church History
Biblical Archaeology Repository of Archaeological Evidences for Biblical Authenticity
Open Bible (Maps) Downloadable maps that cover all locations mentioned in the Bible
Bible Maps A tool that links biblical passages to their biblical location
Bible Historical Sites Maps, Articles, Images and Resources for Biblical History
Online Bible Atlas Online repository of 1898 Bible atleast with maps, charts and descriptive matter


Christian Research Institute (CRI) Christian Research Institute provides carefully researched information and well-reasoned answers for the Christian faith
Answers in Genesis (AIG) Answers in Genesis provide a biblical perspective on creation and other controversial matters. AIG also help Christians defend their faith and proclaim the Gospel.
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) Internationally renown apologetics ministry of Ravi Zacharias and associates
Stand to Reason (STR) Stand to Reason helps Christians to think about their faith and defend Christianity in the public square
Apologetics Resources Research Resources on Apologetics and Religions.
Be Thinking (by Paul Coulter) A apologetics ministry by Dr Paul Coulter with many resources and tools
The Poached Egg (blog by Greg West) A renown apologetics blog by Greg West
All About God All About is a ministry targeted towards seekers, sceptics and believers providing evidence for God and the Gospel of Christ
Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig) Resources and Tools by William Lane Craig
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) provides many resources and tools to help defend the Christian faith
Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics providing training on apologetics
Apologetics Research Centre Apologetics Research Centre provides resources and tools that help Christians navigate through difficult topics/issues relevant to the modern world.
Josh McDowell (Christian Apologist) The ministry website of Josh McDowell, a leading Christian apologist.
Apologetics 315 Apologetics resources including audios, debates, podcasts, article/books reviews etc.
1517 Apologetics Repository of Videos, Articles, Blog and Books from 1517 ministry (named after Lutheran Reformation in 1517)



Bible Gateway Resources An online searchable tool/ resource with bibles, commentaries and biblical helps
You Version (Online Bible) Online E-bible access
E-Bible Access to Electronic Bibles in variety of translations
Bible Study Tools for Spiritual Growth Bible Study Tools for Spiritual Growth and Edification
Bible Cartoons Easy to communicate biblical principles and lessons through animations, art and pictures
Bible Society in the UK Bible Society – produces bibles and other resources in variety of languages and versions
Berean Bible Resources Berean Bible Resources
Faithful Journey Faithful Journey –Acts of the Apostles
Berean Lamp Berean Ministries
You Found God (Evangelistic Resource) A evangelistic resource with Videos, Gospel Tracts and Books
Focus on the Family A website dedicated to Family, Parenting and Family based issues
Theological Book Network (TBN) TBN provides and supports the Church with high quality theological resources
The Bible Project (TBP) Animation videos of various books and themes including word studies
Biblica Publisher of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. Site contains Tools to help one read and study God’s word.
Bible Study Downloads Biblical and Theological content for Bible Study. Multiple Languages.
World Bible School (WBS) Online Audio/Video studies and downloadable material.
Credo House Repository of Credo Courses, Articles and Resources
Lifeway Group Ministry Free Bible Teaching and Resources from Lifeway for Individuals and Groups
Biblical Eldership Biblically based resources to encourage the practise of biblically faithful eldership
International Standard Bible Encylopedia (ISBCE) This site hosts the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBCE) edited by James Orr, John Neulsen, Edgar Mullins and others.
Project Gutenberg Multiple resources on Christianity
Monergism e-books, sermon series and multimedia content on content aligned to reformed theology
Theology of Work Vast resources on faith and work from a Christian perspective.
Made to Flourish Resources for pastors, leaders and marketplace leaders on how to connect and integrate Faith and Work.
Faith and Work Valuable resources produced by Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NY, USA
Oikonomia Network Resources for Marketplace Leaders.
Denver Institute Resources dealing with integration of Faith and Work and a balanced Christian Perspective of Vocation
Washington Institute Website dedicated to Faith, Vocation and Culture with resources.



The Gospel Coalition Articles on various theological and contemporary issues
9 Marks Healthy Church-related resources
St Paul Center St. Paul’s Centre for Biblical Theology provides Resources, Articles and Audio/Video articles from Scott Hahn
Acts 29 Network A repository of Acts 29 Network blog articles and media resources
Dig Deeper Devotions Devotions in various books, prayers, people and songs of the Bible
Tim Challies ( Blog of well-read and popular Christian blogger, writer and speaker – Tim Challies
Crossway Articles, Blogs and Books (with free excerpts) from a variety of popular Christian writers
Our Daily Bread Daily Readings and other biblical resources for spiritual enrichment and growth
Desiring God Articles, Sermons and Resources from John Piper
Albert Mohler Personal Website with articles from Albert Mohler Jr, President, SBTS
Christianity Today Articles on Theology, Church and Culture
Seven Minute Seminary (Seedbed Resources) Short video resources from leading biblical scholars talking about pertinent issues relating to Christianity, Bible and Missions.
Ministry Magazine Bible resources for Pastors and Ministry Workers. Digital downloads and sermons.
World Bible School (Bible Studies) Bible and Study Material and Curriculum for personal/group study
Torah Class Online Studies with a special focus on the History, culture and language of the Torah and the Bible
Biblical Books Overview Articles and explainer videos on a variety of topics in the bible as well as biblical books and character overviews.
Blue Letter Bible Bible Search and study tools
Bible Resources Online Bible Studies, Resources, Devotionals
Insight (Church Swindoll) Devotionals and Articles by Chuck Swindoll
Bible Resources (Christian Doctrine & Prophecy) Audio/Videos on Christian Doctrine, Prophecy and Christian Development
Bible Studies on the Web Bible Studies on the Web
Ligonier Ministries A collection of videos, articles and resources from R.C Sproul and others.
Insights into Religions A source containing insights into religious practices, customs, traditions and trends.
Christian Trends A Christian Magazine with relevant and contemporary themes and articles



Princeton Theological Seminary – Theological Commons The Theological Commons is a digital library of 78,924 books and periodicals on theology and religion, including 29,322 volumes from the Princeton Theological Seminary Library.
University of Calgary – Library The University of Calgary library provides open access internet resources to support the academic study of religion.
World Cat OCLC Worldcat connects to about 10,000 libraries worldwide.
JStor Reputed source of academic journals, Primary Sources and e-Books
EBSCO Source of research databases, e-books, journals and magazines .
Globe Ethics Resources on Ethics, Theology and Philosophy. The site contains an e-library with curated content and research material on ethics, theology and philosophy.
Cross Points (e-books) List of Free Christian e-books from GospelCoalition, Puritans, John Piper and RC.Sproul.
Religious Data Archives Association of Religious Data Archives consists of world religions resources
University of Berkeley – Asia Section Berkeley Library Asia Resources
Hathi Digital Library Hathi Trust Digital Library
ICIT Digital E-book Library ICIT Digital E-book Library
Archive Library Internet Archive
University of Pennsylvania – Digital Library The Online Books Page
Proquest USA Theses Proquest USA Theses
Taylor Francis e-Books Taylor Francis e-books
University of Cambridge – Open Access University of Cambridge Open Access
University of Minnesota – HR Library University of Minnesota – Human Rights Library
Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism The Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism [GlobeTheoLib] is a multilingual online library offering access free of charge to more than 650000 full-text articles, journals, books and other resources. Its focus is on theology, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, ethics, and ecumenism in World Christianity. NOTE – you must register for a free account.